Posted by: ammon17 | July 12, 2009

Upick Strawberrys from June through October

Strawberries are best when they are fresh, organic and RIPE! Haven’t you had enough of those giant and hard California berries with the green sometimes moldy skin and the hollow core? Our berries are RIPE, and best of all you get to choose each one you want to buy. Welcome to STRAWBERRY HEAVEN!!!

Strawberries are the perfect fruit for eating fresh, jamming, or freezing, and in the decade since our opening, we have taken pride in cultivating many of the newest varieties of strawberries available out the University of California, seeking to find the premier berry for our local Idaho climate; The result being that all five of our favorites, each with their own unique flavor, color, and texture, are available yearly for u-pick  from June through October. We are Idaho’s largest Organic strawberry farm for a reason. We are dedicated to providing the local community with only the highest quality produce nature can provide.



  1. I have tried these strawberries before, and they are EXTREMELY exceptional. They are sooooooo good. Believe me, the darker the shade of red the better the strawberries, and this is no exception. Great job guys!

  2. I was so glad to find this strawberry Heaven! When I pulled in the drive way I could smell strawberries it was just amazing. I picked enough for some freezer jam. I also shared with several friends who just loved them. The sweet pea’s were also so very good. Can’t wait to go back for more!!

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