Posted by: ammon17 | April 11, 2014

Farm crop info page

Baby Axle in Strawberries

Welcome to Richardson Family Farm

Our strawberry season runs from Memorial Day to Halloween (5 months straight), and our berries are plentiful. As always, we look forward to seeing you and your family/friends out for another great year of strawberries!
(We provide free flat boxes for berry storage/management, and hands-on advice for u-picking strawberries. Kids welcome! Cash/checks only please.)

Our four different plant varieties are packed with ripening berries all season long (late May, all the way through til Halloween!), so it won’t take you long to pick multiple pounds. If you are picking a plethora for jamming, bring your friends and family to make it quick and fun!

For a full listing of our other crops (and when they are ripe), see below.

Further details: Our business numbers, in order of which to call are: (208)-365-4262, (208)-869-2619, and (208)-995-1720. We are open daily from dawn til dark, but are closed on Sundays. (Please call ahead if you need to pick on Sunday.)

And finally, check out my dance moves below:



A short novel written by the same organic farmer guy who has the dance moves.


  1. I’d like to organize a visit for my homeschool co-op to come pick strawberries. I’m thinking beginning of June. I was wondering if there was time that someone could maybe talk to the kids a little bit about your farming practices or different strawberry varieties and how to recognize them. We would have a variety of ages and they will be accompanied by their parents.

  2. I would like to know if we can pick fresh strawberries this coming Saturday, June 21, 2014. Also is there a place we can buy them already picked?

    • We sell our strawberries at ‘The Boise Co-op’, ‘Natural Grocers’, ‘Pollards Fruit Stand’ in Nampa, and ‘Cliff’s Market’ in Caldwell.

      U-pick is also available, starting up again in late July.

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