Posted by: ammon17 | May 5, 2015

SWEET Edible pea pods and berries are now ripe! (Update: 09/18/2018)

CROP UPDATE: 09/18/2018

Supah Dupah sweet edible pea posa are now reaching full-grown status, so come snatch a few thousand up, with the fams.

Also, those classic fruits are still with us; berry blast is in full effect! Plenty’uh ripe strawberries for every-picker, so come on out, bring the friends as well, and start feasting on red strawberry flesh!

We’re also planting lots-a-them super-sweet-n-scrumptious edible pea pods over the next few weeks, so look out for those sometime in late August or so. See yuh here soon, and don’t forget to have some wet-and-wild summer fun!


Come one, come all, from spring til fall!

~Don`t forget your sunscreen and bug spray.~

And for your convenience, remember that our strawberries can be purchased through October, @‘The Boise Co-op’, & ‘Natural Grocers’.

This year our price for u-pick strawberries from May through November will remain @ $2.10 per pound for all purchases.

There will be a LOT of ripe berries available throughout the growing season, most years right up until Halloween! Plus, our fall strawberry crop is noted for being especially sweet and durable!

Also available for u-pick are our super sweet SugarSnap peas @ 2.50 per pound; perfect for eating fresh as a sweet and healthy snack, tossed whole (or cut) in salads, frozen for later use, or sauteed in stir-fry’s/omelets. 


And finally, here is a listing of all other u-pick orchards/farms in our valley. On it you’ll find u-pick blueberries, cherries, and so much more:




  1. Is there anyway to be notified when the next crop is ready for upick?

    • My best guess at this point, Mid July; but The weather this year has made timings unpredictable. I will post up on our site further details as they become available, so check the main ‘crop update’ page in late June/early July for specifics.

  2. Do you still have u-pick organic strawberries available? And do you have u-pick organic apples for sale? What hours are you open?


  3. Hi,
    We’d love to talk to you about wholesale quantities. Can you email me, We are in the area twice a week, picking up product, and then delivering the next day in the Wood and Treasure Valleys, including to both Boise Coops.


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