Posted by: ammon17 | August 20, 2022

THIS IS AN UPDATE on November 30, 2022. We are closed for winter. We will begin working our soil in February. If you would like some strawberry plants call us at 208-365-4262. We will be open for u-pick in late May. You can help us plant in March – May. We are never open Sunday. When picking starts, we are here six days per week. We provide boxes at no charge. ………………. …….. ………..We do not process debit or credit cards, we only accept cash and checks……………………………………………. We believe the Covid shots are dangerous, we will never take the shot. The shot is a bio-weapon. Do not trust pharmacy, farm chemicals, 5G, commercial food, and politicians. These people have selfish motives. We run for office but we do not win because our motive is to increase faith in Christ and tell the truth. …………….Our website for politics is:

If you are poor, you can weed and plant for food.

Our address is 4250 Valley View Lane, Emmett, Idaho 8617 (about 10 miles West of Emmett).

Light frost does not affect strawberries.

We are Certified Organic by the Idaho Department of Agriculture- Organic Division.


The GPS to get here is: 4250 Valley View Road, Emmett 83617. We are about 10 miles west of Emmett.

Farmers tip: Our summer/fall crop is especially large and flavorful, and we always have a steady supply from August, until heavy frost. Price: 2.90 per pound. Open every day, except Sunday, 8 until 8.

Also, we have convenient fruit picking boxes you can take home, provided at no charge!

We like children, they are our world’s future and our most important asset. Your children are welcome.

Pro-Life and Kirsten Richardson

Home: 208-365-4262 C. 208-869-2619 c. 208-995-1720



  1. Thank you

  2. Hi guys!

    I’m very excited about strawberry picking with the family.
    How’s you supply looking for tomorrow? August 4th.
    We probably need about 10lbs
    Thank you

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