If you just clicked to this page then you are way too curious. Shame on you! Nonetheless mention that you read this, and just for a lark I will give you five cents off per pound on your upicked strawberries.
Ammon Richardson


  1. Just trying to find the name of the business so I can find your home page.

  2. Would you please let me know when can I come to buy your strawberry plants and how far apart do I need to plant thank you my thank you so much ….. Hope 🙂

    • Sorry, I did not notice your comment til just now. It’s a little late in the year now. Strawberries don’t transplant well in the heat, and we have planted all our dormant starts from California. But we will have plenty of ripe berries available all through the summer months.
      …If you would like to purchase some plants, please give us a call in March-April, and we will sell you some then.

  3. Where, when?

    • Anytime! Just come on out and mention it for your five cent savings!

  4. I have a group of friends and we would like to come out during the beginning of July to do some berry picking. Will fruit be available during that timeframe?

    • We will most likely only have a limited amount of fruit available in early July. If you want to pick large amounts for jamming/freezing/drying, I would recommend coming out right away (this week before summer starts), or waiting until mid/late July when our seconds crop comes on. The weather this year has made fruit timings unpredictable, but I will post up on our site further details as they become available, so check the main ‘crop update’ page in late June/early July for specifics as to our second crop, (as well as our first crop availability before then).

  5. Hi there. I’m interested in strawberries. Looking at next weekend for picking if you have some ready. How is the fruit holding out? Thanks so much.
    Do you have a phone number so I can check on conditions, or is this or other site comments best?

  6. found the phone number on the home tab.

  7. Hi. Would like to come pick strawberries on Friday, Aug 7th. Looking to make jam. Is there enough to pick, if not when would be a better time? Thanks Lani

    • Friday would be fine. We have lots of ripe berries. See you soon!

  8. What type of berries do you have for picking right now? Blue, black, huckleberrys and or raspberries? Strawberries yiu do have also correct?

    • We have lots of dark red strawberries right now, with a sugar content off the charts! We have plenty, so come on out and u-pick them.

  9. I’m in Boise … and I’m not very familiar with the Emmett area. Do you have a map (that I’m not seeing.) Directions or a map would be very helpful! I can hardly wait to come visit you, as my “old” source is no longer in business. Thank you!

  10. Can we come today? Sunday the 5th of June?

  11. Sure. But this afternoon I’ll be out picking cherries; so to make sure I’m at the farm when you arrive, text me (or call me), so I know when you’re coming out. My cell number is 995-1720.

    • Awesome! Thanks!!

  12. Are the berries still going strong? Hoping to come Monday the 5th. How early do you get started?

    • 8 AM, (or earlier if needed). We have lots of ripe berries, come on out! Don’t forget the long clothes and mosquito spray.

  13. Hello I love your comment above!😊 We cannot wait to come pick strawberries this week. I was curious if you have Benton strawberries and if so are they ripe now?

  14. I have a friend who is allergic to anything that has sulfates. Do you use any products on your crops that include sulfates?

    • No sulfates. We are certified organic, plus we never use anything except unbleached flour for aphides. We never have used any chemicals in 20 years of farming. Post by Pro-Life, the farmer.

  15. I use to work at Fred Meyer and it is nice to stumble across your page during my research and see your family’s farm photos. Tell your parents I said hi. I am now a rep for OVI Lasers and we are offering an alternative to bird control. If you are interested in learning more please contact me @208.249.8608 or email me at sales@ovilasers.com. I hope to work with you guys in the nearest future and keep up the pie videos; my mouth was watering. Oh what wonderful organic gardening your family is accomplishing. Thanks for your time, Danielle Scott

  16. When can we come pick?

  17. Hi! I am hoping we can come get strawberries soon. When do you think the berries will be ready? Lots of rain now, so not sure if that is delaying things.
    Thank you!!

  18. It was nice chatting with you on the phone! The strawberries look amazing. I can’t wait to come pick some for ourselves.

  19. Some young men are passing through soon whose backpacking and volunteer plans have been waylaid due to fires. Do you ever take on help for a few weeks? Annette

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