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THIS IS AN UPDATE: We have amost no availability on Tuesday, June 28 and not much for this week for strawberries. We are now open for u-pick but it will be very hot today. We recommend waiting to pick steawberries, but we will have Sugar Snap peas real soon. Our u-pick price is 2.90 per pound for strawberries and 3.50 for Snap Peas. In about 5-7 days we will have a lot of Sugar Snap peas. You do not have to make an appointment. The afternoon heat will be high. U-picking has been very heavy the last few days so our present availability is really low. Our plants continue to produce, so look at this website for daily updates. We do not want you to travel here and not have produce to pick. Our plants will flower and fruit again but it will take weeks. Early July we always have a lack of berries. In late July, August, September, and October we will have more berries. We will have berries and sugar snap peas until heavy frost this Fall but we will have times of low availability so always check this website. Our hours are 8:00am to 8:00pm. We are never open Sunday. We are open six days per week and on holidays. We provide boxes at no charge. You can return to this website for availability through the growing season. …….. ………..We do not process debit or credit cards, we only accept cash and checks……………………………………………. We believe the Covid 19 shots are dangerous, we will never take the shot. The shot probably is a bio-weapon. Do not trust pharmacy, farm chemicals, 5G, commercial food, and politicians. These people have selfish motives. We run for office but we cannot win because our motive is to increase faith in Christ. Our website for politics is:

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Memorial Day [Update]

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The strawberry’s are blooming!

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google map directions

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Driving directions.

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June at the farm.

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