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We are open 8 to 8, Monday Through Saturday

The berries are really red and peas are super sweet! We have so many berries that picking is a blast! Bring your distant relatives!

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Memorial Day [Update]

Red, ripe berries cost 2.50 per pound.

Green, unripe berries cost 3.00 per pound.

Some ripe strawberries this week. Limited quantity’s available. We recommend you wait until June 1st to pick more than a few pounds.


Red, ripe berries cost 2.50 per pound.

Green, unripe berries cost 3.00 per pound.

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The strawberry’s are blooming!



Baby Axle in Strawberries


Welcome to Richardson Family Farm

Our strawberry season runs from Memorial Day to Halloween (5 months straight), and our berries are plentiful. As always, we look forward to seeing you and your family/friends out for another great year of strawberries!
(We provide free flat boxes for berry storage/management, and hands-on advice for u-picking strawberries. Kids welcome! Cash/checks only please.)

Our four different plant varieties are packed with ripening berries all season long (late May, all the way through til Halloween!), so it won’t take you long to pick multiple pounds. If you are picking a plethora for jamming, bring your friends and family to make it quick and fun!

For a full listing of our other crops (and when they are ripe), see below.


Further details: Our business numbers, in order of which to call are: (208)-365-4262, (208)-869-2619, and (208)-995-1720. We are open daily from dawn til dark, but are closed on Sundays. (Please call ahead if you need to pick on Sunday.)


And for your convenience, remember that our produce can be purchased through October, @‘The Boise Co-op’.

This year our price for u-pick strawberries from May to November will remain @ $2.50 per pound for all purchases.

There will be a LOT of ripe berries available throughout the growing season, most years right up until Halloween! Plus, our fall strawberry crop is noted for being especially sweet and durable!

Our super sweet Sugar Snap peas @ 3.00 per pound will be available next May 2020; perfect for eating fresh as a sweet and healthy snack, tossed whole (or cut) in salads, frozen for later use, or sauteed in stir-fry’s/omelets.  Our peas are the  sweetest of all vegetables. 

If you are poor and want to buy our certified fruits and vegetables, we can give you a weeding assignment or other work so you can earn your food.  We are members of WWOOF  (Willing Workers On Organic Farms)


When you see this bridge, you know you’re getting close to the delicious strawberries.




Here is a listing of all other u-pick orchards/farms in our valley. On it you’ll find u-pick blueberries, cherries, and so much more:  If this is hard to read here, go to Gem county Chamber of Commerce website for better clarity and larger print.!F9dmAa6A!eqhO3R3vD49RM37jBORrsTH695WWUoIjpuvHCkZnsKE


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google map directions

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Driving directions.

View From the Lawn

View From the Lawn

Please take note, the address to enter into your GPS is 4000 Bishop Road, Emmett, 83617. This address will guide you right to our neighborhood entrance, and from there we have large signs posted on telephone poles, with arrows indicating where to turn. There are strawberry signs posted the last few miles before you get to our farm.

And finally, here is a link to map directions if you are coming from downtown Boise, Eagle, or Star – provided by Mapquest:

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June 2011

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Here is a good link to strawberry picking and jamming instructions.

There are many u-pick cherry orchards down the valley from our farm. A list of local U-pick fruit farms may be found here:

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